“I was newly diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and was prescribed steroids as I was going through a major flare up. Unfortunately, I suffered from a lot of the steroid side effects which caused additional suffering. Ben helped me create an all-natural diet and lifestyle programme that would not only work wonders for my Crohn’s but also countered the steroid side effects at the same time! We originally planned a 6 month schedule of an all organic plant-based diet but I was off steroids with no flare ups within 3 months! All my test results have now gone back to normal and I now live a much healthier lifestyle and no longer rely on any medicine.”

- Stefan (Gold Service Client)


“After suffering with severe eczema for years I was thankful to be put in contact with Ben who has truly changed my life. Not only has my eczema massively improved over the year but I also have a new understanding of food and the effects of it.

Ben initially recommended I followed my personalised plan for 3 months but after reaching that milestone we pushed to 4 and then 5. It’s been nearly a year now and with my new found understanding of my body and how it reacts to certain foods I have decided not to reintroduce gluten. I now know what triggers my eczema and the steps to take if I ever need to improve gut health.

As well as this I now have a much healthier relationship with food, better eating habits and even managed to lose weight as an extra bonus. Ben was hugely supportive through the entire process and still to this day, he was always just a message away and I would recommend him to anyone suffering from any health concerns.”

- Kacey (Silver Service Client)


“Around the end of 2023 I consulted with Ben regarding issues with a sensitive tooth. He told me about the benefits of having mercury fillings removed and replaced with white composite fillings. All I can say is, Ben knows what he is talking about! Following the removal of my mercury filling, I instantly had improved overall health, reduced fatigue and I feel like my immune system is much stronger. I highly recommend Ben's advice and guidance!

- Simon (1hr Private Consultation Phone/Video Call)